Dreamforce to You – Florida!

Photographic Memory: #DF2UFL 2012 Pictures Posted

You oughta be in pictures!

In fact, you may already be….we’ve posted Event Day pictures (our thanks to Event Team member, Jared Miller for acting as photojournalist). VIEW THE ENTIRE ALBUM HERE.

If you have Happy Hour pictures (or any other event day pictures, really), we’d love to add them to the album. We had such a GREAT day – thanks again to all of you who made it out and brought the energy, great questions, and enthusiasm. It was definitely our best event to date with more sessions, Community Rockstars, and more winners than ever. We gave away TWO Dreamforce 2012 Global Gathering tickets, training certification voucher, a Kindle Fire, 6 autographed copies of CRM at the Speed of Light ( a GREAT read), and of course moola.

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If you haven’t already, take a minute to get to know the dedicated 2012 Sponsors who made #DF2UFL possible

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DF2UFL 2012 Presentations Posted

Content is King

We’ve posted all of the 2012 Presentations to our 2012 Agenda page. These decks contain links to the resources that were covered in each presentation.  So, if you missed a presentation, or learned about a tip sheet, video, book, or blog that you think will help build your chops or improve your org, now you can get the details you need.

Event Day pictures will be posted next, so stay tuned to this blog! Have a picture, success story, or DF2UFL favorite moment you’d like to share? Please do! Leave a comment, post to Twitter using the #DF2UFL hashtag, or reach out to the event team at EventTeam@DF2U.org. We also encourage you to participate in the attendee surveys headed your way in the upcoming days. Your feedback really does shape what we do next for the User Group Community so don’t hold back.

If you’re not officially a member of a Salesforce User Group today…don’t hestitate! Join TODAY

Thanks again to Salesforce.com’s Kevin Sherman, Ingo Fochler, and Tad Travis for making the trip to support the Community last Saturday! 

Take a peek at our Opening / Closing Presentation which details User Group leaders by city and how to stay in the know for each group.

And of course…

Thanks to the 2012 Sponsors  who [literally] made #DF2UFL possible

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Newsflash: #DF2UFL 2012 is over, but our Community is Just Getting Started!

What a terrific day!

Were YOU at Dreamforce to YOU – Florida? I hope so! It ended up being a really amazing day thanks to the Event Team, our Rockstar MVP Speakers, the Salesforce.com team, our dedicated Sponsors and of COURSE the attendees who gave up a Saturday to spend a day in the Cloud. I personally know of people who may have found a new employee or job, folks who solved a business problem they’d been struggling with, and a non-profit organization that was “adopted” (read: gifted time, materials, or expertise) by many of the attendees. This is EXACTLY the reason we believe in this event: we’re in it to build Salesforce.com chops and make connections within the local User Community.

We’ll be posting all presentations and event day pictures to this blog. We also encourage you to participate in the attendee surveys that will be headed your way in the upcoming week. Your feedback will help us to make the most of the User Group experience and future events. Along the same lines, I challenge you to be thinking what can I bring to this community? How can I help my local (or most local) User Group be better? If you’re not officially a member of a User Group today…don’t hestitate! Join TODAY

I hope you’re working right NOW on something you learned how to do better, faster, or more efficiently at #DF2UFL. If you are, or if you have a #DF2UFL moment you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment, post to Twitter using the #DF2UFL hashtag, or reach out to the event team at EventTeam@DF2U.org.

If you haven’t already, take a minute to get to know the dedicated 2012 Sponsors who made #DF2UFL possible


We can’t wait for Saturday

We usually look forward to the weekend, but this is for a completely different reason

Dreamforce to YOU – Florida is THIS SATURDAY (March 31, 2012) and we couldn’t be more excited to see the rest of the Florida Cloud Crowd! We’ve updated our agenda and have made the final arrangements for our post-event Happy Hour.

 We are pleased to announce that Appirio is hosting Happy Hour

This event is open to attendees, and will take place just across the street from our venue at the shwanky Blue Martini beginning Saturday at 3:30 PM. We hope you’ll stay for a bit of networking and to recap what AWESOME tools you learned from attending DF2UFL.

With 12 sessions to choose from, Bird of a Feather lunches, and some truly terrific chances to win, we’ve worked hard to bring you a terrific day. It’s all up to you now to show up ready to learn, participate, meet new people, and find at least one tactic you can use MONDAY when you get back to the office.

If you haven’t registered for Dreamforce to YOU- Florida 2012, we are now on a waitlist. Grab your waitlist spot now! We WILL contact you if tickets become available. Don’t miss out on a full day of Content, Community, and Collaboration.

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Did You Need One More Reason to Get Hyped About Dreamforce To YOU – Florida 2012? You’ve Got It!

Are you STILL on the fence? 

We’re so excited to tell you that two (VERY LUCKY) Dreamforce to YOU – Florida attendees will win a conference pass to this year’s Dreamforce (Salesforce.com’s AMAZING Global Gathering) courtesy of our Platinum Sponsor, Silverpop. Yes, that’s right! We’re giving a conference pass to the Global amazing-ness that is DREAMFORCE (‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ here aren’t really considered over the top) to two of the Cloud enthusiasts attending Dreamforce to YOU – Florida. Of course, there is some fine print, but all of it is created to ensure we’re sending the folks that this event is intended to support – our Florida Salesforce.com Community.

You may be asking right about now: “How do I win?” 

That’s a fair question. You get a ticket to Dreamforce to YOU – Florida and show up on March 31. That’s about it. So long as you are eligible to win, you’ll be automatically entered into the drawing.

Who is eligible to win?

Dreamforce to YOU – Florida  attendees (must be present at drawing to win)

  • Eligible attendees must be a current or prospective customer of Salesforce.com
  • The Dreamforce to YOU – Florida event team members and volunteers are not eligible
  • User Group Leaders and Salesforce.com employees are not eligible
  • Salesforce.com Partners | Consultants are not eligible
  • Event sponsors and their employees are not eligible
  • Conference passes are non-transferable, and a cash equivalent is not offered
  • Each drawing is for a single Dreamforce 2012 conference pass and will not be transferred to a subsequent year
  • Eligibility terms and conditions are at the discretion of the Event Team.

Leap Day Bulletin: DF2UFL Community Rock Star Speakers Announced!

We’ve been dying to spill the beans (and now we can)!

Want Another AWESOME reason to attend Dreamforce to YOU – Florida? No problem! We’re announcing today that two Salesforce Community Rock Stars will be making the journey to join us, share their wisdom, and generally inspire the Florida User Group Community to continue to evolve.

Meet our Guest Speakers: Mike Gerholdt and Steve Molis 

About Mike

Mike Gerholdt  (@MikeGerholdt) is the CEO of ButtonClick Media and Manager of Social Enterprise for one of the largest educational companies in the United States. He is a Certified Salesforce.com Developer who is responsible for developing their social business properties to facilitate online interactions with individuals in target audiences. Mike’s popular blog, ButtonClickAdmin, is geared toward those of us stuck between the uber coders &  users who can’t log in.

Mike brings his passion for social enterprise technology and experience in communication studies to organizations of various sizes. He regularly speaks at Salesforce User Group meetings to provide best practices to Salesforce Admins and users. Mike is a sell-out, can’t miss, multi-year, multi-session presenter at Dreamforce.

One of Mike’s passions is delivering value using a ‘Clicks, Not Code’ approach. This means maximizing your current license and edition capabilities without custom development wherever possible.

About Steve

Steve Molis (@SteveMoForce) is a self-confessed Salesforce Admin, Geek, HopHead and the reigning and long-time Answers Community Champion. Currently, Steve has answered 11,221 for the Salesforce Community. Is he paid to do this? No. Then why? He loves this stuff.

He’s a terrific example of why Community matters and is another sell-out, can’t miss, multi-year, multi-session presenter at Dreamforce. Steve is a slightly-famous Salesforce Formula Ninja, Data Junkie, and Bon Vivant and is helping make the world a better place, one Salesforce user at a time.

Chances are, if you’re submitting questions to the Answers Community, you may already know Steve Molis. In fact, you may  be a little more profitable as a result of his wisdom. Be sure to let him know how he’s helped your organization be a little more bionic when you see him at Dreamforce to YOU – Florida)!

Mike and Steve are both Salesforce MVPs.

The MVP  program recognizes exceptional individuals within the Salesforce community for their leadership, knowledge, and ongoing contributions. These individuals represent the spirit of the community and what it is all about. For more information on the Salesforce MVP community, visit: http://www.salesforce.com/mvp/.

We couldn’t be more excited to have these gentlemen attend and speak at our event. The Event Team members are huge fans of these guys and the TREMENDOUS value they add to the Salesforce Community.

If you haven’t registered for Dreamforce to YOU- Florida 2012, don’t wait! We have limited tickets remaining. Don’t miss out on a full day of Content, Community, and Collaboration.


Newsflash: DF2UFL Sponsors Announced

We love our Sponsors!

It’s true. We just simply couldn’t do this without them. We’re bringing Salesforce.com users together for an entire day of content, best practice, learning what’s new and how to use it in your company. We’re custom building the agenda based on the attendee preferences, AND we’re not charging people to attend. So, without the funding the Sponsors provide, we literally wouldn’t be able to make this event happen. Most of these Sponsors are active with our User Groups already, and all of these Sponsors are dedicated to helping to promote the event so we can meet our Event Team goal of building up the core User Group community which benefits us all.

Thank you from the Dreamforce to YOU – Florida Event Team to our 2012 Sponsors for supporting the Florida Salesforce.com Community!

Take a minute to get to know our dedicated 2012 Sponsors

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One (whirlwind) week in…

Well, we’re one week into opening up registration for the 2012 event. Response has been tremendous so far and we can’t wait to take the attendee feedback and use it to plan our sessions. We’re looking forward to making some BIG (and I do mean BIG) announcements about our incredible Sponsors, event day giveaways, and surprise guests.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am by the members of our event team. They’re dedicated, really keeping their User Group members in mind, and always – ALWAYS – looking to squeeze the absolute MOST value out of every opportunity. They rock (in other words)! This post is more about sharing some of my excitement and anticipation than any real news – so pardon me for being a bit content-lite. I just want to let you know things are shaping up nicely, and to stay tuned for details on event content, special guests, and our Sponsors.

If you still haven’t registered – don’t wait! We really do use your feedback to build our agenda. REGISTER TODAY

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About #DF2UFL

What’s this event about?

Dreamforce to YOU - Florida

After Dreamforce 2009, we felt so inspired by the community and content we’d experienced in San Francisco, we decided to try to bring a little taste of it to the members of the Orlando User Group members. There were folks in our group who hadn’t been able to attend the conference, and there were those (like us) who really wanted to build a bit of the cloud collaborative vibe in our own backyard.

Our Second Annual Dreamforce to You! expanded to include our neighboring User Group communities. We had just under 100 attendees from Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami at the event which took place Saturday, March 19th in Orlando’s DeVry University Campus.

Now we’re poised and ready to have our best event ever…The THIRD Annual Dreamforce to YOU will offer more sessions, more chances to learn, and more opprtunity to connect with the community. Frankly, we’re incredibly excited and hope you are, too. We’re meeting again in Orlando on Saturday, March 31st, 2012. DeVry University is able to play host again – a BIG ‘Thank You’ from us to you!

At our first two events, from the open to the close, we were all struck with the sense that our community is growing stronger everyday. It’s an exciting time to be cloud enthusiasts and we’re really looking forward to building on this momentum with your continued involvement and creativity!

“Lots of great stuff to learn and the only way to know what you don’t know is by talking to people and attending events.”

Steve Henley, Henley Natural

If you didn’t make it to previous years’  Dreamforce to You – Florida!, we hope to see you this year. No matter what, the most important thing you can do for your Salesforce.com community is to attend and become active in your local user group.

Your Florida User Group Leaders & DF2U Event Team by City

Orlando: Joshua Hoskins (@jhoskins) & Jennifer Phillips (@CRMjen)

Tampa: Jackie Travieso (@JackieForce) & Jared Miller (@jaredemiller)

Jacksonville: Karon Kennerknecht (@OsazeEgypt) & Anthony Bartek (@abartek10)

Miami: Javier Gonzalez (@CRMJav)

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